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Olympic 2020: what's new in olympic 2020 - This year japan organised olympic 2020.

what's new in olympic 2020-In olympic 2020 robots are new in Olympic. The Great Kumbh of the Game. The view of the Olympic 2020 is going to look different. This time there is neither a rule change nor the way of playing the game. Yes, if something changes, of course, but that too for your entertainment. This time robots that look like humans will be in front of you during the opening. In fact, this time when you reach Tokyo, the capital of Japan, to enjoy the Olympic 2020 Games, along with the games, you will be able to enjoy Japanese robot technology too.

Japani robots in olympic 2020
Japani robots in olympic 2020

Because Japan is planning to use such robots during the Olympic 2020 Games, the Japanese company Toyota has introduced several new reports under the Robot project, especially for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and Paralympic Games. Has designed. This robot is being designed to entertain spectators and players during the game. Also, these robots can also help the staff deployed on the field.
Tokyo olympic 2020
Olympic game 2020

These robots, resembling humans, were specially designed for the Olympic Games. In which Two robots named Mascotts Miratova and Somaty will appear which will entertain the crowd of spectators and supporters during these two robotic games in blue and pink. They will also talk to him, one of these robots will also assist the players and also follow their voice commands. And the second robot will work to get footage related to the game, so that decades around the world will be able to sit and enjoy the game.
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