Facts for Christmas |Fact about Christmas|

Why do we celebrate Christmas.

As we all know christmas celebrated in many countries everywhere the planet
Christmas has both a religious and secular holiday for christians this is the new day when we celebrate the birth of jesus.

Fact for Christmas

It was commonly believed that there are both good and bad spirits throughout Europe. Good spirits were active during the twelve days of Christmas, a tradition to tell horror ghost stories on Christmas.  Jesse was born natural and no one had celebrated her birthday for hundreds of years.

Here are some christmas fact that around your interest

Twelve Facts about Christmas

No.1 Santa clause image the image of santa clause flying his sleigh was created by washington irving the author of the legend of sleepy hollow.

No.2  Jingle bells jingle bells was composed for thanksgiving day and christmas

No.3 The biggest christmas gift in the world statue of liberty was gifted to us by the french on christmas day nineteen eighty six

No.4 Santa clause travel santa clause has to travel more than this need a flight to deliver gifts to all locations and it would take me thirty one hours

No.5 Christmas tree decoration christmas trees with first record did with fruits candles and only then with electric lights

No.6. Stockings tradition the poem and has three daughters who did we say it drop gold coins into the stockings by the fireplace with built in scottsdale reason could get married

No.7 Breakup two weeks for christmas is one of the most popular times for couples to break up.

No.8 Mistletoe there is a tradition to exchange kisses beneath the mistletoe which is a associated with peace and love

Fact about Christmas

No.9 Stockings vs shoes in north america children put stockings out of christmas time they counterparts use shoes

No.10 Christmas tree oh christmas trees grow for about fifteen years before they become ready for selling

No.11 In space christmas the song jingle bells is the first song to be added broadcast it from space

No.12 After christmas wants to know useful recycle your christmas tree sounds use the most food for the animal

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