Olympic 2020:Why does cricket not played in Olympic Games?

Olympic 2020:Why does cricket not played in Olympic Games? :

  Cricket does not played in olympic games because of many reason's that are given below but before starting this article we have to know about value of cricket .

  Cricket is a very popular game in today's date, whose popularity is increasing day by day. Started in the 16th centuary in england, the game is currently played in over 100 countries.  Cricket is so popular in India that it is considered a festival, so why is cricket not part of the world's largest sports event olympics-cricket was played only once in the ninth hundred olympic and after that cricket If we are not able to be a part of the Olympics, then in today's post we will see some reasons why cricket is not considered an Olympic sport.

India has won only nine gold medals in the Olympics till date, but there is also a game that if played in the Olympics, the chances of winning the gold medal of India will increase significantly and this game is cricket

Cricket was last played in the second edition of the Modern Olympics in Nineteen Hundred. International Cricket Council has shown interest in making cricket an Olympic sport but there are many reasons behind cricket not being in the Olympics.

Why does cricket not played in Olympic Games?
Cricket match not played in olympic

Reason Number -1.

 cricket is not played in any major country other than India, Australia and England. The popularity of cricket in America, China, Japan and many European countries is very low. And this is the country where the Olympics are seen most. Although there are more than one billion cricket fans in the world today. But cricket is a sport whose Dominant is only in some countries. It is not a world wide team like football. That is why cricket was not put in the Olympics.

Reason Number 2.


 Olympic is a fifteen-day sporting event. Around 28 different sports are played during these fifteen days, but cricket is a sport which is quite different from other sports. This is because today cricket is played in three formats Test Match One Day International and T Twenty If we talk about the shortest format T Twenty then one T Twenty matches takes about four hours to complete.  If ten teams also participate in the Olympics, then it will take a lot of time to organize matches of all the teams.

Many times its solution is also given that another format of cricket should be made T-10, this will increase the popularity of cricket worldwide and will also fit in the definition of cricket Olympic sport.

Reason Number 3 :

       stadium  Maintaining :

 A cricket stadium and pitch is very important and every country does not have good stadiums and not only does it have to be maintained but also prepair the cricket pitch before every game.

The next three Olympic events are to be held in Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles, in Japan, France and America, cricket is not a major sport in all three countries, so there is no world class stadium and pitch if new stadiums are to be built in the Olympics for cricket too. So the budget of Olympic which is already very high and will increase, so hosting a cricket match to Olympic City will be more harm than good.

Region number 4 :

                    Support :

 The ICC has wanted cricket to be an Olympic sport for the past several years. But for this, ICC needs cricket boards of many countries and one of these cricket boards is BCCI.  It is impossible to become an Olympic sport of cricket until the ICC is supported by the BCCI.

Here the BCCI's imports are very high because almost 60 percent of the contribution generated by cricket is from India. And BCCI does not want cricket to be a part of Olympis as it will lose many of the power of BCCI and BCCI will not be an independent body completely, all this power will go to the Indian Olympic Association. In India, BCCI is responsible for making cricket so popular and no one would want cricket to become like hockey. There are many reasons. Because of which cricket is not kept in the Olympics.

Even if cricket becomes a part of the Olympics, the value of winning the cricket World Cup will still be more than an Olympic gold, because there is more team in the World Cup, which increases competition and at the same time World Cup matches are very professional stadium and on the pitch. There is only one reason behind making ICC cricket an Olympic sport, to bring cricket to as many countries as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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